Brush Blazer

Brush Blazer Model TBB2-002, 2″dia. capacity 48″ wide


Rent the brush cutter that cuts and mulches buffalo grass, hao bush and guava up to 2”.

With 26HP engine and go anywhere tracks, clear over 6 acres in a single day. Rents with trailer.

Brush Blazer Model TBB2-002
26 HP Gas Engine, Fuel Tank Capacity 5 gal.
Cutting Width: 48″
Speed: 5 mph forward, 2 mph reverse
Dimensions: 43-1/2″ H x 55-1/2″ W x 94″ L
Weight: 1,100 lbs

Brush Blazer® by Peco
the Commercial Walk-Behind Field and Brush Cutter
Welcome to the home of the Brush Blazer, the most powerful walk-behind brush cutter on the market. Now we can confidently say it’s the most powerful field and brush mower because it’s the only cutter on the market that can comfortably mow down trees up to 4” in diameter. If you’re looking for an easy to use land clearing machine that doesn’t require operator experience, yet you want to maintain that annoying overgrowth quickly and efficiently, then the Brush Blazer is your machine. Whether you need to rent one, or own one for you property, our machine won’t disappoint. Hand built right here in America out of 3/16” thick steel and weighing 1200lbs, the Brush Blazer is the machine for total brush devastation. With its go-anywhere tracks and 48” cutting width, look no further than PECO’s Brush Blazer to demolish anything in it’s path.