Electronic Deodorizer

Zontec PA2500 Specifications:

  • Programmed timer
  • 2,500 milligrams ozone per hr
  • 120Volts, 75 Watts
  • 14″ L x 15″ W x 5.5″ H
  • Weight: 22 lbs



  • Eliminates odors naturally, Oxidizes the odor molecule & destroys the odor at its source,
  • Can effectively eliminate all odors such as smoke, body odor, food, paint, mold and mildew.


Rent the Ozone machine for:

  • Kill mold and mildew on, or inside, walls and furnishings
  • Odors caused by flood or fire damage
  • Gymnasiums, locker rooms, school rooms, bars & lounges
  • Paint and glue odors
  • Pet or baby urine
  • Hotel rooms – convert from smoking to non-smoking at a fraction
  • of the normal cost.
  • Boat and car odors
  • Dead animal odor inside walls or ceilings
  • Insect Infestations – safe alternative to chemcals. Kills bed bugs,
  • fleas, dust mites, roaches, gnats.


How it works:
OZONE is created electronically by converting Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3. The Ozone will revert to oxygen within a short period of time after creating the desired effect. When contaminants such as odors, bacteria, insects, or viruses make contact with ozone, they are destroyed completely by oxidation. In so doing, that extra atom of oxygen is consumed and there is nothing left… no odor… no bacteria… no extra atom, only oxygen. Ozone reverts back to oxygen after it is used.





I absolutely swear by it. By washing the bedspreads and using the (Zontec) Ozone Generator you can turn a smoking room into a non-smoking room.

I’m sorry if I sound like a commercial but I really do like how well this machine performs.

Greg Stauffer
Quality Inn

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the (Zontec) ozone equipment we purchased from you. It has performed flawlessly.

The ideal situation is a room with no odor. We have been able to achieve that with the ozone equipment your company provided. We treat every occupied guest room daily and feel that this is an integral part of the formula that helped us to receive a Circle of Excellence Award in 1992 from Hampton Inns.

I hardily recommend your product to anyone in the hotel business.

Clark Byram
Hampton Inn

About a year ago we purchased a portable Zontec machine to try out in our guest rooms instead of air freshener. The housekeeper and guest response was so positive that we purchased a unit for each of our housekeeping sections.

We are extremely happy with the results. The units are used daily in each room to ensure that the rooms smell fresh when the guests check in. We have also utilized the units in the conversion of smoking rooms to nonsmoking rooms with excellent results.

I would highly recommend that any hotel consider these units are replacements for their current air fresheners.

Victor G. Martin, C.H.A.
Best Western

Nothing was a sure fix until we purchased our first (Zontec) Ozone Generator and this is the purpose for my comments.

Let me tell you, it solved our problem within a few days and in doing so it made us happy, our guests happy and even our housekeepers happy. That’s a trick in itself! We now have four machines, one for each service cart and our staff uses them each and every time they service a guest room.

There is much emphasis placed on “environmentally” clean rooms which obviously includes air quality. Guests no only appreciate but demand fresh smelling / non smelling rooms and your Ozone machines allow us to exceed their expectation. Even our AAA Field Inspector was very pleased to see our staff use them.

Bob and Cheryl Kane
Ladd Brook Inn

As you know, guest satisfaction is high priority in the hotel / motel industry. Providing a “fresh air” atmosphere in each room not only pleases our guests but encourages out guests to return.

Purchasing the Zontec PA200 was a sound investment. With its easy operation and effectiveness in eliminating offensive odors, the unit is well worth the initial cost.

After using the unit for a short time we received many compliments. Guests are enjoying the odor free rooms and are pleased with the “fresh air” smell.

I would personally encourage other companies to try your equipment.

Spiro Pappas
Howard Johnson

It saved us a great deal of expense and time in converting these suites (to non-smoking suites).

We asked our non smoking staff members to try and find any offending odors, they could not.

We are using this machine daily in our suites and plan another purchase in the near future.

I am sure that for the price, compared to the money spent on chemicals for suites, that other hotels will see where they can save when they try your product and keep their suites fresh.

Mike Perry
Marriott Residence Inn

A short note to tell you how great we think the (Zontec) PA200 machine is at our hotel. It removes all odors and when we run out of non smoking rooms, we can just sit the machine in there for approximately 20 minutes and you cannot tell that someone had ever smoked in this room.

My. Executive Housekeeper thinks it is the best thing that has happened to make his work easier. Spray deodorizers can in no way touch this machine.

Audrey L. Waldrop

I wanted to contact you to express the delight we have experienced in your product. It is extremely refreshing to finally have a product live up to the claims of its manufacturer.

We purchased a (Zontec) PA200 in September and have been thrilled by the performance and ease of operation of your equipment. We have the room attendants turn the machine on for 15 minutes wile they are cleaning the room and all odors disappear. I challenge anyone to go into a room that has had a Zontec unit in it and detect any smoke or perfume odors.

We have been able to do away with carpet and room deodorizers and are actually saving money by using your product. I encourage all other Choice Hotel franchisees to try your equipment. I’m sure they will become loyal customers.

Robert G. Barton
Comfort Inn

I wanted to write this letter to you to express our thanks for the wonder product that we purchased from your company.

The housekeeper now has each of our attendants carrying one of the units on their cart. The first thing that they do upon entering the room is plug it in and turn it on. By the time they are finished with the room and leaving, the room is completely free of all odors Our housekeeper says that you would think the window had been left open for the day.

All in all we are very happy with the Zontec, as it has helped to eliminate guests complaints on stale odors in the rooms and the lobby area.

Tom Nelligan
Days Inn

This is actually our second Zontec (PA200), our first unit went home with someone that was as impressed with it as we were. Needless to say, we keep a closer watch on this one!

Jim Eblen
Village Lodge



The washroom had a very strong odour and we decided to try the Zontec ozone generators. The (Zontec) unitwas able to solve the odour problem in the washroom. It proved to be an effective answer to the problem.

Janet St. George
McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited

We have been using your washroom deodorizer (the Perfect Air Plug-In) in the restrooms in my restaurant for some time now. I just wanted to let you know that it is working out well for us. Several other remedies have been tried in our restrooms but none have performed as well as your ozone unit. Besides its actual performance is unmatched, it is also the most “labor-free” method we have used. Unlike regular cleaning methods that require hourly or daily attention, we like that the ozone generator operates with minimal attention.

I highly recommend (the Zontec unit) to other restaurant and motel operators.

Troy W. Davis, CHA
Chairman of the Board
Best Western International

Since purchasing the O3 Air Purification System (by Zontec), we have noticed remarkable changes. First, it eliminated virtually all of the odour in the lounge from cigar and cigarette smoke. Secondly, we turn the O3 generator up to max overnight (the programmable timer shuts the machine off about 2 hours before we come in) and in the morning the bar and grill smells fresh, as though someone had cleaned it overnight.

The third advantage, and I’d say the most important advantage, is that we have had nothing but positive comments about the ‘fresh’ air smell from our customers.

I highly recommend the O3 Air Purification systems to any restaurant, nightclub or bar owner who is interested in providing a ‘fresh’ air environment for their customers.

Robert Kroon
Black Rhino Bar & Grill, Calgary



I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our Zontec, Model PA200, air purification device. Since two of my staff are smokers which can be very annoying to potential clients, we needed something to clean the office air between appointments. This device works very well for us. The rest of my sales associates are non-smokers and we always ask them if they can smell stale smoke. When they can’t notice it, we know the machine is doing its work.

We have only had one occasion to take the machine to a home to prepare it for showing. There had been a water leak in a basement family room and there was a bit of a musty smell left. The machine took care of it nicely.

Lois C. Langtry
Gold River Realty



We installed the Zontec Ozone Generator in our recycling plant on May 31, 1993, and since we have installed this unit, it has made a drastic change in our employee’s working environment.

The unit is very simple to operate, we just set the timer on the unit and it runs all night when no one is in the building. Upon opening the building in the morning, the recycling area is virtually odor free.

The unit has solved our odor problem and we highly recommend the PA1200 Ozone Generator to any recycling business.

James M. Foote

The Paragon O3 Air Purification System (by Zontec) is a must for any athletic club with locker rooms, weight rooms, exercise rooms, loungesany area that needs to eliminate odours, permanently.

Kevin Doucett
Heritage Square Fitness & Racquets Club

We have a designated smoking area in our office. It has always been a contentious issue with both smokers and non-smokers alike.

Since running the unit as per instructions both sides to the issue have commented how much better the air smells (or, doesn’t). It is the opinion of everyone, that not only does this O3 Air Purification (by Zontec) work with remove smoke odours, but that the entire office has a fresher smell.

It works just as you stated. It is our collective opinion that the O3 unit is well worth the investment.

Sherwood J. Young
Greymantle Industries Ltd.

We had your (Zontec) Ozone Air Purification Unit installed several months ago and I am writing to let you know that we are very pleased with the results.

Working with people with compromised immune systems, we are always conscious of air quality. Cold and flu season came and went with barely any of our staff needing time off and people have remarked that the air quality seems greatly improved.

We would definitely recommend this system.

Paul Laybolt
Aids Coalition of Nova Scotia

I would like to comment that the Zontec…ionizers (the Perfect Air Plug-In) installed in our restrooms have made an appreciable difference in the air quality to our traveling public. In addition, we anticipate annual savings because the need to purchase air freshener and urinal blocks has now been eliminated.

I have received positive comments about the changes. The restrooms smell fresher and cleaner.

Tom Makela
Thunder Bay Airport
Transport Canada

We have used the bathroom size Electronic deodorizer (the Perfect Air Plug-In) in one of our heaviest use public bathrooms for over three months now.

We find it to be much more effective that any deodorants that we have used in the past, and we have used a lot of different brands. The environment is now much more pleasant in this particular restroom.

I have not received one single complaint about foul odors from this restroom since the installation of this unit.

Thanks for your help in solving this problem!

Timothy S. Elder
A. Barton Hepburn Hospital