Complete Rental List

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All non-linked items are currently carried and have yet to be entered into our website


Adapters, Pigtail
Aerator, Lawn
Aerial Work Platforms
Air Compressors, gas elec
Air Drills, Rock
Air Equipment
Air Hammer
Air Nailers & Staplers
Air Needle Scaler
Air Sander
Air Sled (appliance mover)
Air Tools
Airless Paint Sprayer
Acoustic Texture Sprayer
Angle Head Grinder
Appliance Dolly
Arch, Wedding
Asphalt Cutter (walk-behind saw)
Auger, Earth, Manual & Power
Auger Bit
Auger, Plumber
Auger, Post Hole
Auto Body Repair Kit
Auto Polisher
Automotive Engine Hoist
Automotive Engine Stand
Automotive Jack
Automotive Tools
Axe to top


Banquet Tables
Bars, Digging
Belt Sanders
Bender, Rebar/Rod
Bender, Rigid Pipe
Bender, Conduit EMT
Bits, Carbide, Drill (see rotary ham)
Bits, Diamond Core
Bits, Rock Drill
Block Saw
Body Repair Kit (Auto)
Bolt/Rod Cutters
Boom Lifts
Brad Nailer
Breaker Bar, Automotive
Breakers, Concrete & Paving, Electric
Brick Saw
Broom, Push
Buffers, Auto
Buffers, Floor
Builders Level
Bull Float
Burner, Weed to top


Carbide Tipped Bits (see rotary hammers)
Carpet Kicker
Carpet Seaming Iron
Carpet Stretcher
Carpet Trimmers & Shears
Cart, Platform
Ceiling Jacks
Cement Hand Finishing Tools
Ceramic Tile Cutters
Ceramic Tile Saw
Chafers (Food Warmers)
Chain Hoist
Chain Saw
Chipping Hammers, Electric
Circular Saw
Clam Shell Post Hole Digger
Clamps, Furniture
Coffee Maker
Comber, Lawn
Come-Along (Ratchet Type)
Communication Cable Cutter
Compactor, Plate
Compactor, Rammer
Compressor, Air, Gas & Elec
Concrete Broom
Concrete Drills (see rotary hammers)
Concrete Edger – Hand
Concrete Edger – Walking Type
Concrete Finishing Tools – Manual
Concrete Finishing Tools – Power
Concrete Finishing Trowel – Steel
Concrete Grinder, Floor, Gas & Electric
Concrete Grinder, Portable Handheld
Concrete Groover
Concrete Hand Finish Tools
Concrete Hand Float, Wood
Concrete Imprint Roller, Cobblestone
Concrete Mixers
Concrete Placer
Concrete Rake
Concrete Scratcher Trowel
Concrete Pool Trowel
Concrete Power Screed
Concrete Power Trowel 36″
Concrete Screed, Gas
Concrete Saws – Walk Behind
Concrete Saws – Gas, Handheld
Concrete Tampers – Hand
Concrete Vibrators Electric
Concrete Vibrator 7′ shaft extension\
Conduit Benders
Connectors (Y)
Container Ramp
Contractors’ Tools & Equipment
Cooler, Beverage
Cooler (Ice Chest)
Cordless Drills & Screwdrivers
Cords, Extension
Core Drill
Creeper, Automotive
Cut Off Saw, Electric, 12″
Cut Off Saw, Electric, 14″
Cut Off Saw, Gas, 14″
Cut Off Saw, Gas, 14″ Heavy Duty
Cutter, Asphalt & Vinyl Tile
Cutters and Benders
Cutter, Bolt/Rod
Cutter, Ceramic Tile, Hand
Cutter, Formica (Laminate Trimmer)
Cutter, Pipe
Cutter, Rebar
Cutter, Soil Pipe
Cutter, Tubing
Cutter, Vinyl Tile
Cutter, Weed, String& Blade

to top


Demolition Hammer, Electric
Demolition Hammer, Air
Dethatcher, Lawn, Gas Powered
Deodorizer, Electronic
Diamond Core Bits
Digger, Post Hole
Digging Bars – O‘O
Dirt Tamper, Hand
Disc Sander
Drill, Core w/Vacuum
Drill, Concrete (see rotary hammer)
Drill, Portable Electric
Driver, Post
Drum Sander
Dryers, Turbo
Drywall Dolly
Drywall Drivers
Drywall Lifter
Dual Action Sander to top


Edger, Lawn
Edger, Sander
Electrical Accessories
Engine Hoist
Engine Stand
Extension Cords


Fastening Equipment
Finishing Tools, Concrete, Hand
Finishing Tools, Concrete, Powered
Flatbed Trucks
Float, Bull
Flood Lights
Floor Maintainer
Floor Maintainer/Buffer
Floor Polishers
Floor Sander & Edger
Floor Scraper, Hand & Electric
Floor Stripper, Carpet & Tile
Folding Chairs
Folding Tables
Food Service Equipment
Food Warmers
Four (4) Wheel Dolly
Framing Nailers
Freezer Dolly
Fresno Trowel
Furniture Pads to top


Garden Hoe
Garden Hose
Garden Rake
Garden Equipment, Powered
Genie Lifts
Glass Suction Cups
Grinder, Angle Head
Grinder, Concrete Floor
Grinder, Concrete, Hand-Held
Grinder, Tree Stump
Guns, Texture Sprayer
Guns, Caulking and Epoxy

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Hammer Drill
Hammer, Breaker, Air
Hammers, Demolition, Air
Hammers, Demolition, Elec.
Hammers, Rotary Elec.
Hand Truck
Heat Gun
Hoes, Mortar
Hoist, Engine
Hose Garden
Hose Air (w/Compressors)
Hose Fittings
Hose Suction/Discharge
Hot Dog Cooker
House Jack
Huli Huli Machine
Hydraulic Jack

to top


Ice Chests
Impact Roller &
Impact Screwdriver Kit
Impact Wrenches Air
Impact Wrenches Elec

to top


Jack, Automotive
Jack, Bottle
Jack, House
Jack, Hydraulic
Jack, Ladder
Jack, Sheetrock
Jack, Shoring
Jack, Ceiling
Jack, Pallet
Jack Hammer, Air
Jack Hammer, Electric
Jack, Stands
Jack, Screw
Jack, Toe
Jig Saw (Saber Saw)
Jig Saw
Johnson Bar (Pry Bar)


Ladder Jacks
Ladders, Extension & Step
Laminate Trimmer
Land Leveler
Landscape Equipment
Landscaping Rake
Laser Level
Lawn Comber
Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Mower
Lawn Roller
Lawn Seeder
Level, Automatic
Level, Laser
Level, Transit
Leveler, Land
Lever Hoist
Lift, Boom
Lift, Engine
Lift, Material
Lift, Scissors
Lift, Sheetrock (Drywall)
Light Stand, Portable, Floodlight
Lights, String
Linoleum Roller
Loading Ramp

to top


Machinery Dolly
Machinery Movers
Machinery Rollers
Magnet, Parking Lot/Yard
Masonry & Brick Saw 14″
Material Lifts
Metal Detectors
Metal Cutting Chop Saw 14″
Mini Excavator, Bobcat
Miter Saw 10″
Miter Saw
Mixer, Concrete
Mop & Scrub Bucket, Janitor
Mortar Hoe
Moving Pads
Mower, Lawn
Multi Purpose Trimmer to top


Nailer, Air
Nailer, T & G
Nailer, Framing
Nailer, Sheathing
Needle Scaler, Air

to top


O‘O (digging bar)
Orbital Sanders, Random
Oxygen-Propane Cutting Torch

to top


Pads, Moving
Painting Equipment
Paint Remover, Electric
Paint Sprayer, Airless
Pallet Puller
Pallet Truck (Pallet Jack/Lift)
Paper Shredder
Party Equipment
Paving Breaker, Air
Paving Breaker, Electric
Piano Dolly
Pickup Trucks
Pigtail Adapters
Pipe Benders
Pipe Cutters
Pipe Dies
Pipe Reamer
Pipe Stand
Pipe Taps
Pipe Threaders
Pipe Vise
Pipe Wrenches
Planer, Concrete
Planers, Wood, Portable Elec
Planks, Painters
Planks, Scaffold
Plate Joiner
Platform Cart
Plumbers Snakes (manual & elec)
Pole Pruner
Polisher, Auto
Polisher, Floor
Pop Rivet Gun
Post Driver
Post Hole Diggers
Power Trowels
Pressure Washers
Propane Weed Burner
Pry Bar
Pump Pot (Beverage)
Pump, Submersible
Pump, Trash
Push Broom to top


Railroad Pick
Rake, Garden
Rake, Landscape
Ramp, Loading
Random Orbit Sander
Reamer, Pipe
Rebar Bender – Electric
Rebar Cutter/Bender
Reciprocating Saw (Sawzall Type)
Riveting Tool, Hand
Rock Drill, Air
Rock Drill Bits
Rod/Bolt Cutter
Roller Dollies
Roller, Lawn
Roller, Linoleum
Roller, Machinery
Roller, Vibratory Compactor
Rol-A-Lift 2-Piece Hydraulic Safe Mover
Roll-or-Kari 2-piece truck
Roofing Nailer
Roofing Stapler
Rotary Hammer, Electric
Rotary Mower
Roto Tiller
Rug Kicker
Rug Stretcher to top


Saber Saw
Safe Mover, Hydraulic
Sander, Belt
Sander, Drum (Floor)
Sander, Edger (Floor)
Saw, Circular
Saw, Circular
Saw, Jig
Saw, Jig
Saws, Undercut
Scabbler, Floor
Scaffolding, Aluminum
Scaffolding, Steel
Scissors Lifts
Scraper, Floor
Screed, Concrete, Gas
Screwdriver, Electric
Scrubber, Floor, Electric
Skate Dolly, Machinery Roller Kit
Skil Saw, 7-1/4″ Magnesium
Seaming Iron
Seeders, Lawn
Sewer Snakes
Shave Ice Machine
Shears, Electric
Sheathing Nailer
Sheetrock Jack
Shredder, Paper
Shoring Jack
Sledge Hammer
Snakes, Electric & Manual
Snap Cutter (Soil Pipe)
Sockets, Impact & Regular
Sockets, Wheel Hub
Sod Cutter
Soil Pipe Cutter (Snap Cutter)
Spoon Shovel, Long Handle
Sprayer, Acoustic Texture
Sprayers, Paint, Airless
Stands, Engine
Stands, Jack
Staplers, Air/Elec/Manual
Steam Cleaner
Steamer, Wallpaper
Stock Pot
Strapping Tools
String Lights
Stripper, Floor, Carpet & Tile
Stud Driver
Stump Grinder
Submersible Pumps
Suction Cups, Glass
Sweeper, Warehouse Parking Lot, Push

to top


T & G Nailer
Tablesaw Portable, 10″
Table, Wallpaper
Tables, Banquet
Tables, Folding
Tables, Party
Tables, Serpentine
Tamper Cement
Tamper Dirt Hand
Taps, Pipe
TEK Driver
Texture Sprayer
Thatcher Lawn
Tile Cutters, Strippers & Scrapers
Tile Saw
Tile Saw 10″
Torch, Propane. Weed Burning
Transit Level
Trash Pump
Tree Stump Grinder
Tree Trimmers & Saws
Trimmer, Multi Purpose
Trimmer, Hedge
Troweling Machines
Trowels, Fresno
Trowels, Hand
Tubing Cutter
Turf Plugger (Lawn Aerator)
Turbo Dryers
to top


Undercut Saw 6-1/2″
to top


Vacuum Industrial
Vacuum Upright
Vacuum Wet or Dry
Vans, Cargo
Vans, Cube
Verti-cutter (dethatcher, power rake)
Vibrator Concrete Electric
Vibratory Plate Compactor
Vise Pipe to top


Wallpaper Steamer w/Roller
Wallpaper Table
Washers Pressure
Wedding Arch & Stanchions
Weed Burner
Weed Cutter String & Blade
Welder Arc
Welder Oxy-Propane
Welders Acetylene K
Welding Accessories
Wheelbarrow, Concrete
Wheelbarrow, Landscape
Wire Twister
Work Platforms
Wrenches Air & Elec
Woodworking Tools
Wrenches Pipes
Wrenches Torque
Yard Hand Tools
Yard Maintenance Equipment