Hand Trucks & Dollies

Appliance Dolly
red, automatic strap recoil
800lb capacity
Frame: 16″ wide x 60″ high
Footplate: 5″ x 24″
Weight: 48 lbs
(Stevens Model 8254-SRT8)
Freezer Dolly
  red, automatic strap recoil 1200 lb capacity
Retractable swivel
1200 lb capacity – operates at 55º angle
Frame: 16″ wide x 72″ high
Footplate: 5″ x 24″
Weight: 77 lbs
Stevens Model 8254-SRTM72
Hand Truck
blue, with easy-off push lever,
800 lb capacity Dutro Model 100S
Hand Truck – 3-way combination
800 lb capacity, Dutro Model 120S
Dimensions: 50″ x 19″
Footplate: 9″ x 14″
Weight: 62 lbs
4-Wheel Padded Dolly
  1200 lb capacity
Dutro Model 2693-1355
4-Wheel Wood Top Dolly
960 lb capacity
Toolmaster #9999-10
Roll-or-Kari 2-piece truck
1,000 lb capacity per pair. Includes strap.
Dimensions: 23″ wide x 32″ high
Weight3:56 PM 55 lbs
To use the Roll–or-Kari: Push one hand cart under each of two opposite sides of the device to be lifted. Secure the straps. Step down on foot-push bar while lifting on the handles. Device will now easily roll on the four swivel casters. Reverse process to lower.
Rol-A-Lift 2-Piece Hydraulic Safe Mover
  Skarnes Model HM-2
2,000 lb capacity per pair
Maximum Lift height: 5-1/2″
47½ high x 22″ wide overall
Steel Casters, 18″ centers
Fork Length: 5″
Forks Adjustable 7¼” to 17½”
Fork Thickness: 3/4″
Weight: 160 lbs
Air Sled Appliance Mover
  700 lb capacity
includes vacuum, hose w/dual intake
2 carpet slides, zippered carrying bag
Platform Cart
Platform Cart
Dutro Model 0-33246-40109-6
Machinery Dolly, Set of 4
, all purpose, set of 4
3-wheels on each steel dolly
Capacity: 630 lbs each – (2,520 lbs per set)
Payson Model 640-30H
‘Skate’ Dollies – Machinery Roller Kit
  Capacity: 7½ tons each (30,000 lbs per set)
Includes 2-handles, carrying case,
and 4 rubber pads.
Hilman Model KRS-30-SLD
If renting only 1 roller, send out with one
handle – no case.
‘Skate’ Dollies – Machinery Roller Set of 4
Capacity: 30 tons each 120,000 lbs per set)
Send out handle with roller
Hilman Model
Sheetrock Jack
Telpro Model 138-2, wt. 100 lbs
Max standard reach: 11′
Max reach w/extension #154: 12′ 6″
Max reach w/extension #186: 15′
Drywall Dolly 4000 lb capacity
  Biljax Model 1113-05711YE
22″ wide x 48″ x 45″ high
Drywall Dolly, 3000 lb capacity
Telpro Model 1261
Holds 22 sheets of 1/2″ drywall
360 degree turning capability
Johnson Bar Pry Dolly (3 models available)
Fairbanks Mod C-72-IW, steel wheels, 4250 lb capacity, weight:Fairbanks Mod C84-IW steel wheels, 5000 lb capacity, weight:New Haven Model 220-7, 6″ rubber wheels, 5000 lb capacity, weight: 43 lbs